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Weekend & Movies



Although I am unemployed, just like any other employed person, I try to make the most out of my weekends. I don’t search for or apply to any jobs, unless I find an opportunity that just can’t wait until Monday for me to apply. Hopefully sooner rather than later, I’ll find myself back at work and not having as much free time. Being unemployed is pretty stressful, so I’m trying to enjoy the time off while I can. With that being said, this weekend was pretty eventful compared to the last couple of weekends.

My husband works a crazy amount of hours. Lately he’s been working 88 hours a week! The only thing that helps us through it is that he works from home, so we do get to spend some time together. With that being said, he has very little time to do anything and by the time the weekends roll around he just wants to relax and sleep in. I completely understand, but at the same time I’m home all the time so I just want to get out and do stuff. The last couple of weekends we haven’t done much. We usually sleep in and stay in and watch the shows we have DVR’d from the week, Netflix, or rent a movie. On the weekends we also usually order out to give me a break from cooking all week long.  This weekend we actually went out, Saturday AND Sunday! My husband said he had forgotten what it feels like to be out in the sun! Lol! (Funny but sad at the same time.) Saturday we did a little shopping during the day and at night we saw a movie on Netflix called Compliance, which is inspired by true events. That movie just made me upset! The things that poor girl experiences is crazy!!! If you haven’t seen it, I would recommend it. Here’s the trailer for it.

I guess I had the luck of the Irish this weekend, because I received an email for a free 3D screening for the new movie The Croods that comes out in theatres March 22nd. 10am on a Sunday morning is really hard to do lol, but it was a pretty good offer we didn’t want to pass up. We are SO glad we went! Here is my review:



This movie was great! It had action, comedy, drama, and even a little bit of romance. Hilarious for the kiddies, but also great for adults. The ultimate moral of the story line was inspiring, especially for a kid’s movie. The 3D aspect was also very cool! A must see for audiences of all ages!

Other than that, some grocery shopping and of course the new episode of Walking Dead tonight, and that pretty much sums up my weekend. Hope everyone had a great weekend, and I hope you all have great a week. Hopefully my luck continues and my interview on Wednesday goes well. 🙂



Roller Coaster of Emotions



This has been a crazy week. So far this week I have received a call to participate in a focus group which will pay $100 for 1 hour and 30 minutes of my time and opinions, free screening tickets to see the movie The Host for my husband and I, and most importantly, a job interview.

I’m excited for the interview, but after being on numerous interviews I can’t allow myself to get my hopes up. I will try to stay as positive as I can, but also as realistic as possible. Reality being, that as well as I thought my previous interviews went, I still have yet to receive a job offer.

So right off the bat I already have mixed emotions about this job. I hate that not all jobs post the salary in the ad, because it can be a major let down. Turns out, this job pays way less than I thought it would. So what is someone who is unemployed, has been unemployed for 4 months, and eagerly wanting to get back into the job force to do? Of course, take it if I’m offered it. Anything is better than $0 income and having to resort to work in retail. Now I have nothing against retail, I worked at a retail store while in college and I met great people and actually had fun at work, but after having obtained my bachelor’s degree and still having the student loans to prove it, retail just feels like such a step down, not to mention having to work for minimum wage.

I never thought I would actually miss work as much as I have recently. Not only for the social interaction, and everyday routine, but also for the income. I have been couponing for a number of years, so I have stockpiles of a lot of the things we regularly use, but lately it has definitely helped us stay within our budget. It seems like every time I set foot in the store, everything is increasing in price.

As much as I’m not looking forward to settling for less than I deserve, I am looking forward to having a steady income and being able to continue pushing towards achieving the goals my husband and I have set.

Through difficult times, you learn to see things in a positive light, and for the time being, that’s all I can do.